— company —

1 company name Lean tech co.,Ltd
2 location Ogawa cho Northern building 8th floor,
1-8-3 Kanda Ogawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052, Japan
3 company president Masakazu uehata
4 Date of establishment May 22, 2015
5 Capital 1 million yen (as of the end of May 2015)
6 Business Planning,
development and sale of software utilizing PKI related technology
Information security consulting business
Planning, construction and operation support for cloud services
Planning, design and construction of website
Planning, development and sale of computer software
Sales etc. of computer related equipment
7 Member organization キャリア・コンサルタント協同組合
8 Related Links アジリティ・コンサルティング 株式会社
8 Partner company NoahInternational Taiwan Corp.

Business —

1 Software development and security consulting utilizing PKI related technology System development combining electronic signature and time stamp.
Application development such as electronic contract system and e-document method compliance.
2 Information security consulting System design and development compliant with formulation of information security policy and policies.
3 Planning, construction and operation support for cloud services Support system design and construction for Amazon AWS, IDCF, GMO cloud services. Support for building other cloud services / systems Development of Web API, system cooperation, construction of
security system
4 Planning, design and construction of website Proxy for acquiring domain name, building Gmail for business, and building Web site
5 Development and software development of Sigfox and IoT related equipment Support for API software development using Sigfox’s cloud service
6 Sales of computer related equipment Sales of QNAP products, sales of Windows-PC, Linux server equipment, VPN equipment etc.


1 development
C , C++, Xcode, node.js , node-red (MySQL , MongoDB , Object storage)
2 Development
Linux Centos7, iPhone IOS , Android  (HAProxy , Open-SSL, Sigfox API, Line API)(Amazon AWS S3)
3 Network
QNAP QTS(Virtual server, virtual switch), Yamaha RTX series and Switch equipment,

— Business performance —

May 2018: As a development partner company of SIgfox, we started software development business.
October 2017: We published the QNAP NAS reference manual “QNAP practical application guidebook”.
April 2017: We developed a system that can be browsed from iPhone and Android mobile phones in Ohda market’s fruit bill review reading system case project development.
December 2016: Supported planning promotion and system construction of renewal of home page of independent software company.
December 2016: We contributed in network design and product sales with QNAP’s consulting business.
August 2016: We started the import agency business, system design and consulting business of Taiwan QNAP company products.
July 2016: We supported renewal & site transition work of major cloud service providers.
May 2016: Supported the design and development of electronic contract system. September 2015: I was awarded
the International Standard Development Award.
Monday September 7, 2015 Machine Promotion Center received the “International Standard Development Award”
from the standards association. This award was highly appreciated by the ISO activities (editors) as a part-time advisor to the Japan Data Communications Association (one good) between 2011 and 2015. It was
published as ISO / IEC 18014-4: 2015 on April 15th this year 2015.
Award ceremony: September 7 (Monday) 14: 00 ~ Machine Promotion Center International standard title: Information technology ? Security techniques ? Time-stamping services ? Part 4: Traceability of time
International standard issue date: April 15, 2015

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<The international conference and document stages were as follows>
○ In June 2011, submit WD (Working Draft)
○ Resolved 2nd WD creation at the Nairobi Conference (Kenya) in autumn 2011
○ Resolved transition to CD (Committee Draft) at Stockholm Conference (Norway) in the spring of 2012
○ Resolved 2nd CD creation at the Rome conference (Italy) in autumn 2012
○ Resolved the transition to DIS (Draft International Standard) at the Sofia anti police conference (France) in the spring of 2013
○ Resolved 2nd DIS creation at Hong Kong Conference (Hong Kong) in the 
spring of 2014
○ Resolved transition to IS (International Standard) at the Mexico city conference (Mexico) in the fall of 2014

<Background and achievements of ISO activities>
ISO / IEC 18014-4 (Time-stamping services? Part 4: Traceability of time sources) is a recommendation of the ITU-R (International Telecommunication Union Radio Communication Division) on reliable time sources for Time Stamping Authority (TSA) In addition to clarifying the technical background to ITU-RTF.1876 (March 2010), it is a standard that
defines technical standards. By making domestic technology based on JIS X 5094 (Technical requirements of time assessment organization (TAA) for UTC traceability assurance) established as JIS on May 20, 2011 international standard, Japan’s international competition It contributed to strengthening.

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ETSI International Conference Hall Nice city Mexico National Museum of People Mexico remains

Origin of
company name, Company name “Lean Tech” stands for “Lean Technology”.